Saturday was the day. It was the day that I would break records. It was the day that I would finish my bike ride and hit the pavement running like never before. It was the day that I was bitten by a DOG. There I was running up the road nearly a mile into my run after having biked 12 miles in the horrendous wind. All was well, I was a little on edge due to the action of my bike like a large sail for the wind, which of course is always against you, however I was out there wasn’t I, I was fighting. A loud noise caught my attention over Evanescence blaring through my headphones. A couple of crazy dogs were streaking toward me. No big deal they will bark, they will growl and I will run on by. All of a sudden, in an instant like a bolt of lightning one of the deranged animals leaped into the air and without a chance to defend myself, turned my calf into its knew favorite chew toy.
I cannot describe the mix of emotions that had just come up. I was bleeding but ok, then I became livid. Did that dog just actually dare to do what my leg was crying out that it did. I finished my run and drove on up to the mans house. As I step out the dog comes to my side and glances at my leg as if it knew what it had done and was proud. The owner straight away came out to me and asked how I was doing. How was I doing?…. No apologies were made he was I believe more embarrassed than anything. I calmly let him know what had happened and I left. I did not sleep well that night, there was to much on my mind. Like… the next time I run past that house.


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  1. Haha, this story is funny. You should post a picture for reference

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