Prayer List

I Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray without Ceasing”

Recently I have had a desire to go deeper in my prayer life. I was not to sure why but I believe that God was revealing to me a void in my relationship with Him. I dont really know how to go deeper other than spending more time in prayer so that has been my goal. Spend more time with God in prayer.

I made up a prayer journal and had my wife pencil in a few things everyday to be praying for. At this time the Journal looks about the same but the desire is increasing. Go deeper. I am continueing to pray and feel as though I need a break through however God is beginning to reveal to me the necessity for prayer. The importance of prayer.

My father, after having gone through a dry spell is now being confronted with taking on church leadership again. Pray for that.
My sister is in a struggling marriage as well as a struggle for her walk with the Lord. Pray for that.
My brother, who is in the Marines, is going to Afghanistan. pray for that.
My other brother is in the Navy and striving to live a good life, Pray for a God life.
My friend randomly called me, said he was stuggling in his marriage. pray for that.
Another friend called, said the same. Ill be praying for that.
Another friend told me the same. pray for that.
Did I mention these are all friends that have contacted me in the past 6 months and I have not been very close to any of them… They called me. Pray for That.
Relationship with Christ. Go deeper. Relationship. Deeper. Pray for that.

Pray without Ceasing. What does that mean to you? Are You?

We can pray together for that.

If anyone has a prayer request or would like to tag there name on my list, Ill be praying.


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One response to “Prayer List

  1. I am praying with you for those things. If you want to give me more detail so I can be more specific in my prayers, you know how to reach me.

    I, too, have a renewed focus on prayer. I have been convicted that I need to do as Jesus did and rise early, while it is still dark, and spend time in prayer. This will take some perseverance on my part – my body is definitely not used to rising early. Please help keep me accountable in this area.

    With regard to the previous comment, it is interesting to me how easy it is to take the words of Jesus out of context to justify a doctrine of exclusivity and hatred toward others. I would be the first to say that we should obey Jesus and not Paul, but Paul makes an interesting statement in Acts 26:29: “I would pray to God, both in a little and in much, that not only you, but also all hearing me today to become also as I am, except for these bonds.” (MKJV) He was talking to King Agrippa, who was neither a believer nor a disciple. Jesus said that He came to seek and to save that which was lost (Luke 19:10). Peter tells us that the Lord’s will is not that any should perish, but that all would come to repentance (2 Peter 3:9).

    I, for one, pray for the lost. I also pray that God would soften my heart toward all lost people so that I would love them as He loves them. It is so easy to see them and judge their behaviors and their fruit, forgetting that I was once in their circumstances and only the grace of God and the blood of Jesus were needed to save me and give me the great promises I have from scripture.

    I also pray that Jesus will come soon and that I won’t get so invested in this life that I try to hold on to it instead of looking forward to eternity…

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