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Prayer List

I Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray without Ceasing”

Recently I have had a desire to go deeper in my prayer life. I was not to sure why but I believe that God was revealing to me a void in my relationship with Him. I dont really know how to go deeper other than spending more time in prayer so that has been my goal. Spend more time with God in prayer.

I made up a prayer journal and had my wife pencil in a few things everyday to be praying for. At this time the Journal looks about the same but the desire is increasing. Go deeper. I am continueing to pray and feel as though I need a break through however God is beginning to reveal to me the necessity for prayer. The importance of prayer.

My father, after having gone through a dry spell is now being confronted with taking on church leadership again. Pray for that.
My sister is in a struggling marriage as well as a struggle for her walk with the Lord. Pray for that.
My brother, who is in the Marines, is going to Afghanistan. pray for that.
My other brother is in the Navy and striving to live a good life, Pray for a God life.
My friend randomly called me, said he was stuggling in his marriage. pray for that.
Another friend called, said the same. Ill be praying for that.
Another friend told me the same. pray for that.
Did I mention these are all friends that have contacted me in the past 6 months and I have not been very close to any of them… They called me. Pray for That.
Relationship with Christ. Go deeper. Relationship. Deeper. Pray for that.

Pray without Ceasing. What does that mean to you? Are You?

We can pray together for that.

If anyone has a prayer request or would like to tag there name on my list, Ill be praying.


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Solomon’s Folly

This year I have committed to reading through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and hopefully will finish very early. I just finished reading the life story of the great king Solomon and am fairly amazed. This was no ordinary king, he was gifted by God with more wisdom than any person had ever had before him as well as would come after him. He had a natural understanding of the world, the plants and animals. He was a master in architecture and if you have never read about his palace, go to first Kings, he lived it up. You know the kings who are ultra rich that we see in movies, Solomon lived beyond that. In his kingdom there was gold everywhere, the walls were lined with gold. Exotic animals were brought to Solomon and even Queen Sheba traveled from the east to meet this incredible man. So where did Solomon go wrong, the man who built the temple which would house the ark of the covenant. What brought a great king like him to serve other gods and turn his heart from loving the Lord as his father David did. Any Thoughts.

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The Grind

I would ask if you have ever but I know that all of us have been at the place where we are juggling one to many balls and it seems like your being asked to jump up on a circus ball and keep balance. Yea well there went the extra ball as well as the other four or five you were trying to maintain. This is how I always used to feel up until recently when I seemed to have found a solid rock to stand on. Honestly I couldn’t tell you how I found it but I think it had to do with having a lot of people around who care and are PRAYING. I have been going through some tough times but have been covered with the grace of God. God is revealing things to me that he has been working on in my life, total reliance on him, and now showing me places that I still need to draw closer. Somehow the things that used to be so difficult are not quite as hard. My prayer is to draw closer to him each and every day and he has been answering that prayer. So I guess this means I need to be ready for someone to throw one more ball into the mix.
Thank God that He cares enough to push me to be more than I can be. I can be what God has called me to be.

Anyone else out there juggling?

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Lately I have been meeting with a man in my church whose family are close friends of my wife and I. I am so appreciative that he approached me asking to spend regular time together so that I can learn from his wisdom and life. I have been in a leadership position over the young adult ministry at church for some time now and have been missing the support of a wiser, older leader to pour into me. At times I think “man, i’m younger than some of the people in this room – do they even respect me as a teacher?? What am I doing up front?”

Anyways, my wife calls this sort of relationship discipleship. Until I met her I had never heard of or thought of the discipleship theory but it makes complete sense. The man that I meet with said that if we are able to, we should ideally have a Paul – a person we respect to hold us accountable and pour their wisdom into our lives, a Barnabas – a partner more on our own level there to encourage us, and a Timothy – a younger believer we have a heart to pour into.

I feel so blessed to be a part of a church body where the older actively pursue the younger for this kind of discipleship chain. It’s been something I have needed for a long time and now that I have it, I am gaining SO MUCH from it.

If you had to name your Paul, Barnabas, and Timothy, who would come to mind? Or maybe you should pray that these people will become more obvious and that you can soon establish this kind of relationship yourself. If you aren’t very familiar with discipleship, then I would suggest not overwhelming yourself with all three, just start to search for your Paul, a person that lives a godly, above-reproach life and who you know you can trust with your thoughts and then go from there. I highly recommend it!!

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