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Solomon’s Folly

This year I have committed to reading through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and hopefully will finish very early. I just finished reading the life story of the great king Solomon and am fairly amazed. This was no ordinary king, he was gifted by God with more wisdom than any person had ever had before him as well as would come after him. He had a natural understanding of the world, the plants and animals. He was a master in architecture and if you have never read about his palace, go to first Kings, he lived it up. You know the kings who are ultra rich that we see in movies, Solomon lived beyond that. In his kingdom there was gold everywhere, the walls were lined with gold. Exotic animals were brought to Solomon and even Queen Sheba traveled from the east to meet this incredible man. So where did Solomon go wrong, the man who built the temple which would house the ark of the covenant. What brought a great king like him to serve other gods and turn his heart from loving the Lord as his father David did. Any Thoughts.


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The Grind

I would ask if you have ever but I know that all of us have been at the place where we are juggling one to many balls and it seems like your being asked to jump up on a circus ball and keep balance. Yea well there went the extra ball as well as the other four or five you were trying to maintain. This is how I always used to feel up until recently when I seemed to have found a solid rock to stand on. Honestly I couldn’t tell you how I found it but I think it had to do with having a lot of people around who care and are PRAYING. I have been going through some tough times but have been covered with the grace of God. God is revealing things to me that he has been working on in my life, total reliance on him, and now showing me places that I still need to draw closer. Somehow the things that used to be so difficult are not quite as hard. My prayer is to draw closer to him each and every day and he has been answering that prayer. So I guess this means I need to be ready for someone to throw one more ball into the mix.
Thank God that He cares enough to push me to be more than I can be. I can be what God has called me to be.

Anyone else out there juggling?

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Demons Defeated

In our bible study we looked at a few of the topics from, The Devil and Demons. We started off by examining the devil and hell. In the book of Revelation we find a few pictures of the beasts that will come from sea and land and also the dragon. (Revelation 12 and 13.) Though the Bible does not say exactly, we wanted to know if there was going to be a greater punishment for people who, in our minds are greater sinners. We did find that there are depths in the lake of fire so speculate as you wish. Finally we find in Ephesians 6:12 that we are in a spiritual battle and we wrestle with spirits. Again in I Peter 5:8 it is said that the devil is a roaring lion seeking to devour. Yes we are in a battle against spiritual entities that I believe are much more real than the world that we live and breath. Demons would love to have a part in your life and if you will allow them they can begin to oppress you. We do find however that as a christian, God has given us power over all evil through His name and because He lives inside of us we are able to be free. I John 4:4, Mark 16:15-18, and Luke 10 18-20 Check out these verses and let me know what you think, especially the end of the passage in Luke.

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Heart Cry

You might be asking yourself, What is a heart cry? well it is not a major theological term or any scientifically tested hypothesis. It is when a person is expressing in some form or manner their deepest thoughts, desires, or feelings. today I would like to look at a heart cry that strikes me every time I think about it. Romans 9:3 Paul states that he himself wishes that he were cursed from Christ just so that his fellow bretheren or countrymen would be saved. That is a powerful statement! I have always said that the one thing I would never do is give away my salvation for another. If you read my prior blog on the levels of heaven you would understand my emphatic love for Christ and that I would do nothing to separate myself from him. Yet Paul says that he would go to hell for his brothers. Lord give us a similar Heart Cry. Father teach me how to love others as you do Lord. I thank you that I am weak but You are made strong through my weakness.


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Levels of Heaven

Are there different levels in heaven, and what are we looking forward to anyway? last night, in my small group of hungry for the word guys, we brought up the idea that some might spend eternity a little more so posh than others. That one will live in the huge castle on a hill and the other in a cottage in the countryside, so to speak. Will one enjoy it more than the next? My only issue with this is that i dont see heaven as the reward. Can you imagine the day when we are standing before Christ in His presence. What an incredible joy that will be to see my maker, the man who went to the cross for me a filthy sinner. That is the ultimate gift. My question to you is, How much do you love Christ? Are you doing it for Him? Are you serving Him fully? Are you doing it at all? Matthew 7:7


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