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Mixing it up.

Periodically in my triathlon training I like to mix up the workouts that I do. Some workouts for endurance, others for strength, and some for speed. I am not nearly as consistent as I should be but I try. I feel as though when I try different things I can maintain motivation. Sometimes I have to get on youtube and watch videos of other awesome athletes to keep me going. Not saying I am an awesome athlete, in fact, my wife has beat me in every half marathon that we’ve run together, she is awesome. My conclusion is that I am to short term focused and I need the discipline to stick with something. I am finding this possible through short term goals which all work together for a greater purpose.

My spiritual walk with the Lord is very similar. I have in the past been very excited about something and before to long, I find myself wavering and falling backward. So I am trying to apply this same technique that I have developed in my training. I am not saying that I need to get a little bit of the Bible and then a little bit of another spiritual source just to keep me entertained. I love the Word of God and am constantly filling myself with it however I think it would be beneficial to mix it up. For example I was told that it would be a good practice to read a Psalm and Proverb everyday, so I developed this discipline. After a while I noticed that I became a little slack in my commitment so instead of just trying to read those books I am trying to develop new ways to take them in. I might take the same proverb and read it over and over everyday so that I might burn those words on my heart and mind. I also would like to do more scripture memorization. This is something different that I struggle with horribly but I know it glorifies God. My goal is to have a more consistent growth pattern and if developing smaller goals that all point me in that direction helps, than that is what I am going to do. Maybe it will help you too.

Hebrews 12:1
“Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”


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What Storm ?

Luke 8:22-25

A lake, a storm, and a mighty God. Here we find the story of Jesus commanding the elements to be still. Jesus was sleeping and the disciples were terrified. Jesus had been with them for long enough. They knew and witnessed the amazing miracles He had performed yet they did not have faith. Faith in the man on the boat.

The nation around us is crumbling into more and more difficult times as the storm rages on. So many people are fearful for their jobs and if they are not it is likely they already lost it and are now fretting having enough money to take care of their families. Maybe your storm is a health issue that seems to get the best of you. Just when things are looking good you receive bad news or are stricken with some other awful ailment.

So where are your eyes. Are they on the storm raging in front of your face or on Jesus, safely sleeping down below.

I have probably been through more financial pressure in the past 6 months than I ever thought I would be able to handle. My wife and I are building a house which is going well and requires a lot of extra time and money. I am a self employed painting contractor and like many people in construction have not seen a pay check in… well… I will have to get back to you. The great thing about it is, not one time has my pressure turned into fear. I have had my eyes on the God who controls all things and have not allowed the storm to shake me. It feels somewhat odd, like the wind and rain around me should bring me to my knees but God is carrying me through it.

It was not always like this. In my past I could control my emotions very well unless it came to money. I would get stressed and thoughts of cheating would begin to roll through my mind. My pastor took the time to share with me and helped me realize that whatever the issue is, I cannot handle it. This being the truth I just decided to give it up to God.

I know people who are struggling. Some in a good way and some in a painful way. Lets keep all people in our prayers and help when we can. This is a time for looking to Jesus. Peoples hearts will be tender. Seize the opportunities that the Lord blesses you with. Have Faith In the Man on the Boat.

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Solomon’s Folly

This year I have committed to reading through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and hopefully will finish very early. I just finished reading the life story of the great king Solomon and am fairly amazed. This was no ordinary king, he was gifted by God with more wisdom than any person had ever had before him as well as would come after him. He had a natural understanding of the world, the plants and animals. He was a master in architecture and if you have never read about his palace, go to first Kings, he lived it up. You know the kings who are ultra rich that we see in movies, Solomon lived beyond that. In his kingdom there was gold everywhere, the walls were lined with gold. Exotic animals were brought to Solomon and even Queen Sheba traveled from the east to meet this incredible man. So where did Solomon go wrong, the man who built the temple which would house the ark of the covenant. What brought a great king like him to serve other gods and turn his heart from loving the Lord as his father David did. Any Thoughts.

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Saturday was the day. It was the day that I would break records. It was the day that I would finish my bike ride and hit the pavement running like never before. It was the day that I was bitten by a DOG. There I was running up the road nearly a mile into my run after having biked 12 miles in the horrendous wind. All was well, I was a little on edge due to the action of my bike like a large sail for the wind, which of course is always against you, however I was out there wasn’t I, I was fighting. A loud noise caught my attention over Evanescence blaring through my headphones. A couple of crazy dogs were streaking toward me. No big deal they will bark, they will growl and I will run on by. All of a sudden, in an instant like a bolt of lightning one of the deranged animals leaped into the air and without a chance to defend myself, turned my calf into its knew favorite chew toy.
I cannot describe the mix of emotions that had just come up. I was bleeding but ok, then I became livid. Did that dog just actually dare to do what my leg was crying out that it did. I finished my run and drove on up to the mans house. As I step out the dog comes to my side and glances at my leg as if it knew what it had done and was proud. The owner straight away came out to me and asked how I was doing. How was I doing?…. No apologies were made he was I believe more embarrassed than anything. I calmly let him know what had happened and I left. I did not sleep well that night, there was to much on my mind. Like… the next time I run past that house.

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What Does It Take

What does it take? What type of person must you be? A Hoyt, a Blais. What kind of fight does an Ironman have, type of determination they possess? Here I stand with a pool in front of me, my first bike, and a pair of shoes. The essentials when training for a triathlon, but those things, I feel, are not what will carry me to the finish line. There is that unseen element that we catch glimpses of when ordinary people do extraordinary things. The will power and fortitude to stand against adversity. To push through doors that have been closed, yet these people continue to knock. What does it take? Here I stand ready to compete in my first triathlon. A first step in an adventure. When I have finished I will know what it takes to be an Ironman but for now it takes one more day, one more hour, one more moment.

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